Already defined by many as the Austrian Nice, Gorizia is a city where different stories and languages ​​meet – Ladin, Slavic and Germanic. Its Habsburg past has left a profound mark on the architecture of the city. The Duomo and the Synagogue of Gorizia are a fundamental stop on any tour of the city, as well as the Castle – perhaps the most famous symbol of the city – which stands on a steep hill. The Isonzo River flows undisturbed on the outskirts of the city, also renowned for the splendid gardens of the palaces and private homes. The War Museum and its military shrine offer an overview of the region’s symbolic sites of world wars.

The medieval castle is the heart and symbol of the city: from here the view sweeps over the gentle expanses of hills and over the whole of Gorizia, where medieval, baroque and nineteenth-century architecture coexist in a harmonious way. The Habsburg bourgeoisie loved to stroll through the streets of the center, it is no coincidence that the city was called “Habsburg Nice”.

Among the many historic buildings stand out Palazzo della Torre, Palazzo Attems Petzenstein and Palazzo Werdenberg, seat of the Isontina State Library. The history of the Jewish community of Gorizia is told instead in the Jerusalem Synagogue Museum on the Isonzo in via Ascoli.

The official page of the municipality of Gorizia provides further information, both on tourist traffic and on any itineraries to discover the localities in the area: http://www3.comune.gorizia.it/turismo/

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